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I am not for everyone but only those who are appreciative of a woman who possesses an air of sophistication while simultaneously bringing a man to his knees. 

Sienna Nichols Independent London Escort

I am so glad you found me. Allow me to introduce myself, I’m Sienna - a luxury companion, deliciously curvy, agonisingly sensual and the perfect girlfriend to unwind with. I find myself in this profession after searching for my own fulfilment but always craving something deeper. Physically you will be mesmerised by my hourglass figure, natural assets and self-assured confidence and hunger for naturally curated passion. I am all woman; from my hair to my shapely bottom-nothing on me has been filled or stretched and take a great deal of pride in my appearance. 

Delve deeper and you will be confronted with a charismatic woman who is well-read with versatile interests and unafraid of trying something new!

I am a storm in a teacup and cater to men looking for something more than ordinary. Typically described as 'girlfriend experience', I enjoy naturally curated passion. I am a culture vulture, and my life so far has led me down many different plains and landscapes. My interests are wide-reaching covering most bases. Typically, I am for the self-assured man who knows what he wants; an exciting new experience with someone intelligent, mesmerising, easy-going and authentic. My ideal suitor is someone with a fabulous sense of humour who doesn’t take himself too seriously, who can unwind and craves something authentic. I adore being mentally challenged hence why socially inclusive dates are my favourite.

I believe the ultimate girlfriend experience is based upon mutual respect, sensuality, and genuine connection while having the opportunity to escape from the mundane - even just for a moment. It is nothing to do with physicality but rather a hunger for passion and genuine intimacy. I adore anything physical, touching, kissing, gentle caresses, stolen kisses on the inside of my thighs, back, neck (and yours too!).

My general interests include travel, the stock market, and cryptocurrencies, art, photography and feeding my ambitious nature although, I cannot miss out on retail therapy or pampering myself. As a luxury travel companion, when my schedule allows, I adore travelling as much as I do exploring the streets of London. I am a sucker for adventure.

The luxury I can afford is being limited with my time, reserving it only for gentlemen who can appreciate what I have to offer in the form of exclusive encounters and genuine connections whether it be days or hours.

If the divine concoction of beauty, intelligence (and a fabulous bottom!) is your vulnerability, allow me to be your muse.

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