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Date me...

The details

Pillow talk 

Upcoming tours

- I am a three hour minimum companion - 

A blend of social and unsocial pleasure.

With 2 hours private time included, these dates are perfect for those who would like to indulge in a slower paced day date. I adore the theatre, shopping, visiting galleries and spa dates.

It is imperative that we do activities you also enjoy so please, suggest whatever your heart desires.


3 hours | £800
Drinks + 2 hours private


4 hours | £1000
Lunch/dinner + 2 hours private

6 hours | £1200
Social outing +  2 hours private time

Minimum for dates in the England + Wales, outside of South England

8 hours | £1400 
Social + 2 hours private time 

*In room only dates will come with a 50% surcharge.


For when days turn into nights, wake up with me

For those who have the luxury of timelessness, these dates are perfect for you. A delightful blend of social connection and tranquil relaxation. 

12 hours | £2500

14 hours | £2,700

24 hours | £3000

48 hours | £4500 

72 hours | £6000 

1 week | £10,000 

Extra days are £2000

£1700 | 6 hours Scotland + Ireland only
£2000 | 8 hours Scotland + Ireland only

12 hours | £3000 | EU minimum

14 hours | £3200

24 hours | £3500

48 hours | £5000 

72 hours | £6500 | Minimum for outside the EU. 

1 week | £11,000 

Extra days are £2500

Fly me to you 

For those who are not based in the UK, these are perfect for us to get to know each other on a more intimate level! 
I am a well seasoned travel companion and I would love nothing more than to explore the world with you. 

1 hour - texting/whatsapp only - £150
1 day - texting/whatsapp only - £300 
1 week - texting/whatsapp only - £1000 
1 phone call - maximum an hour - £400 
1 phone call a day, 7 days - £1500 

Pillow talk 

We may be separated by time or space, or perhaps a busy schedule. Whatever it may be, Let's get to know each other... 

The details 

Deposits and cancellations a 30% deposit is needed for all dates, 50% for travel dates. The deposit is non refundable and non transferable unless I cancel our date in which case you will be promptly refunded. 

If you cancel a date under 24 hours, a 100% cancellation fee will be payable (your deposit will credit towards it). Failure to do so will result in you being unable to book with me again. 

I accept a variety of deposit methods including bitcoin and other stable coins

I can accept Wise and Stripe so you can pay in a variety of currencies!

Rates listed are for Outcalls only. Unless I am hosting an Incall day, Incalls will incur an additional fee of between £100-£200 depending on what is available on the day of our date (this will be made known to you pre-deposit). 

Dates that start after 9pm and are not an overnight will incur a £200 fee. 

Screening is needed for all dates. This is bespoke. 

Couples have a 50% surcharge for all dates. Screening and communication is needed with both parties. Minimum 2 hours.

Availability Pre-booking is your best bet. I lead a very full life so please give at least 24 hours' notice for dates in London is sufficient, fly me to you needs at least 3 days. I can be tempted with last minute dates if you entice me... 

Travel fees are bespoke depending on your request. Business class as a minimum is needed for flights over 4 hours. 

Reviews and references I am a strictly no review companion. 

References are available for up to 6 months after our date, a gesture of gratitude is needed for references requested more than twice. 

References given to other companions will never be refused. 

Appearances I prefer my face and cascading hair to make a lasting impression. I do not dress revealing in public (always something figure hugging though…illusion is key) with high heels. My style is smart/casual with an elegant twist. I wear minimal make up to enhance my large brown eyes  and minimal lipstick, mostly just a slither of lipgloss. I tend to wear my hair down and always use a oud/amber based perfume. My nails are always neatly manicured. Outfit requests are always welcome, but I will not go against my natural style e.g. by dressing provocatively. If you would like me in something specific, lingerie or otherwise, please feel free to send a donation for that before the date or you can check my sizing with me and bring it with you.

Arrangements are available for lovers I have met previously. If you are a new client, please book a minimum of 6 hours together. Arrangements start from £15,000 and are a minimum of 3 months. 

NDAs/MDAs are available, upon legal advice. 

For overnight dates, I require 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep,  3 meals a day + a coffee in the morning to perk me up. Normal rules around privacy are to be respected at all times. 

For dates over 24 hours, I require an additional 1 hour to myself to go to the gym, pamper myself or decompress. My preference on dates over 24 hours is to have my own room - however, I know this cannot always be accommodated.

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