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Date me...

The details

Pillow talk 

Minimum booking lengths + travel fees will be expected for dates outside of London's Zone 1. 

These are bespoke dependent on the location of our date.

Dates that start after 9pm and are not an overnight will have a £200 surcharge

Lets get acquainted

 2 hours | £600

A blend of social and unsocial pleasure.

With 2 hours private time included, these dates are perfect for those who would like to indulge in a slower paced day date. I adore the theatre, shopping, visiting galleries and spa dates.

It is imperative that we do activities you also enjoy so please, suggest whatever your heart desires.


3 hours | £800
Drinks + 2 hours private


4 hours | £1000
Lunch/dinner + 2 hours private

6 hours | £1200
Social outing + 2 hours private

Minimum for dates in the UK, outside of London

8 hours | £1400 
Social + 2 hours private

For when days turn into nights, wake up with me

For those who have the luxury of timelessness, these dates are perfect for you. A delightful blend of social connection and tranquil relaxation, be it in in the UK or any other destination.

12 hours | £2000
Fly me to you minimum 

14 hours | £2,200

24 hours | £2500

48 hours | £3000 
Fly me to you minimum outside of Europe 


72 hours | £4000 

1 week | £7000 

Extra days are £1000

1 hour - texting/whatsapp only - £150
1 day - texting/whatsapp only - £300 
1 week - texting/whatsapp only - £1000 
1 phone call - maximum an hour - £400 
1 phone call a day, 7 days - £1500 

Pillow talk 

We may be separated by time or space, or perhaps a busy schedule. Whatever it may be, Let's get to know each other... 

The details 

Deposits and cancellations a 30% deposit is needed for all dates, 50% for travel dates. The deposit is non refundable and non transferable unless I cancel our date in which case you will be promptly refunded. 

If you cancel a date under 24 hours, a 100% cancellation fee will be payable (your deposit will credit towards it). 

I accept a variety of deposit methods including bitcoin and other stable coins

Rates listed are for Outcalls only. Incalls will incur an additional fee of between £100-£200 depending on what is available on the day of our date (this will be made known to you pre-deposit). 

Screening is needed for all dates. This is bespoke. 

Availability Pre-booking is your best bet. I lead a very full life so please give at least 24 hours' notice for dates in London is sufficient, fly me to you needs at least 3 days. I can be tempted with last minute dates if you entice me... 

Services I am strictly a girlfriend experience companion. I pride myself on providing an un rushed and authentic 'experience'. Think of time with me as being with the mystery woman you've seen and finally get time to be alone with.

Reviews and references I am a strictly no review companion. 

References are available for up to 6 months after our date, a gesture of gratitude is needed for references requested more than twice. 

Appearances I prefer my face and cascading hair to make a lasting impression. I do not dress revealing in public (always something figure hugging though…illusion is key) with high heels. My style is smart/casual with an elegant twist. I wear minimal make up to enhance my large brown eyes (I have been nicknamed "Bambi" because of my eyelashes) and minimal lipstick, mostly just a slither of lipgloss. I tend to wear my hair down and always use a oud/amber based perfume. My nails are always neatly manicured. Outfit requests are always welcome, but I will not go against my natural style e.g. by dressing provocatively. If you would like me in something specific, lingerie or otherwise, please feel free to send a donation for that before the date or you can check my sizing with me and bring it with you.

Arrangements are available for lovers I have met previously. If you are a new client, please book a minimum of 6 hours together. Arrangements start from £15,000 and are a minimum of 3 months. 

NDAs/MDAs are available, upon legal advice. 

For overnight dates, I require 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep,  3 meals a day + a coffee in the morning to perk me up. Normal rules around privacy are to be respected at all times. 

For dates over 24 hours, I require an additional 1 hour to myself to go to the gym, pamper myself or decompress. My preference on dates over 24 hours is to have my own room - however, I know this cannot always be accommodated.

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