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A 2022 roundup: The good, the bad, the 'never going to do that again'

2022 was the first year being ‘Sienna’ post pandemic and it’s been incredible. As some of you may know, I set up a photography business at the end of last year so juggling that with my studies and this part time dalliance of being an ultra hot babe has been the theme of 2022. I was frequently asked “how the fuck do you have the time?”; well, I’m a Leo, self absorbed and hungry for success. I like the finer things in life, to live lavishly, eat lavish and spend lavish so I guess that drives me. I have been better though, the last few months I am focusing on slow growth with self-appreciation at the forefront.

This year I have learnt that I value a life where I have the privilege to spend time with those who make me happy, make friends with those who truly value me and I value in return and not put myself into any situation socially I don’t want to be in. I enjoy anonymity, being the mysterious brunette taking centre stage.

This year was great for a number of reasons. I made a new friend who has quickly made her way into my inner circle *cough* Celia *cough*, met a new fave and travelled to my top three bucket list destinations (Dubai, Istanbul and Amsterdam), started doing duos, expanded my photography business and generally started taking care of me vs the outside world.

I have also learnt a number of things this year, that its okay to leave a situation that I don’t feel comfortable in (socially or otherwise), to be unapologetically myself, to push myself out of my own comfort zones, set my own boundaries when it comes to drama and that money comes and goes. Whatever you lose will be replaced with better. Most importantly - put myself first. Always.

I also am very grateful for the experiences I’ve had this year, some of which didn't make it to social media:

  • Getting to hold hands with otters at Dubai Aquarium

  • Being face to face with penguins

  • Taking an E scooter down the coast of Dubai at sunset

  • Watching the sunset on Kite Beach

  • Being gifted my first pair of designer heels

  • Smoking a joint in Amsterdam - won’t be doing that again!

  • Khloe throwing me a birthday weekend retreat - she’s literally the perfect boyfriend

  • Getting interview offers for some of the biggest financial firms in the world

  • Finding out my true ancestry and family history

  • Meeting some incredible girls through doing photography

  • Having the financial freedom to be able to book trips last minute

  • Becoming wayyy to accustomed to spa days

  • Many duos and liaisons with beautiful women

Things I didn’t enjoy so much in 2022 but glad that I tried:

  • Nobu. Tried it again and maybe it was the things that were ordered but I just don’t see the appeal

  • Aire Baths. I found the experience rushed, and a bit mediocre.

  • FIVE Dubai. Not my scene, I prefer serene, quiet places but am happy I got to witness the beautiful sunset!

  • Pilates. Great for the core, I found quite easy due to doing ballet for a long time but honestly just not my thing. I wish I could be a pilates babe though!

My resolutions for 2023 include:

  • Starting yet another business (I know, I really enjoy pressure)

  • Pass all my professional exams

  • Continue to make great friends and meet great men (and women hehe)

  • Travel to other places, Dubai again? Perhaps…

  • Start piano lessons

  • Go skiing again

  • Re start ballet lessons

  • Have as many pairs of boobs in my face as physically possible

  • Submit fully to the person I want to be

  • See an opera!


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