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Her: My first time with a woman

“I’ve changed my mind” I wrote to him, “sorry what?”, “I do want to do a booking with a girl, I want to explore” fuck it, what’s the worst that could happen? I make another friend? After my first duo a few weeks ago it seemed like the perfect opportunity (thank you woman I shall not name for that baptism of fire, and A for organising it - king shit).

He was eager to organise it for me, he asked me who and I selected, it was her first girl on girl booking, she seemed eager (or so I was told). Fast forward two hours, hotel is booked, S had transferred me her fee so here I am googling in the Uber what my withdrawal limit is on all of my debit cards - I am surprised I didn’t get my accounts blocked the amount of mistakes I was making. I got out of the cab and went straight to a cash point, frantically using three debit cards to withdraw then looking around at the people going past - and stuffing £20 notes into my hand bag.

Checked in, I had got her a bottle of water from Tesco, made sure it was all sealed. Who knows what I was thinking, lame I know. Was so nervous I showered three times, put on sexy lingerie (just in case), had some light house music playing (4k Maldives mix 2021 number 2 - it’s on YouTube, enjoy!). I had rearranged the fee into denominations so hopefully she wouldn’t get frustrated counting, laid it out so she wouldn’t need to ask. She messaged me to say she was en route, the pacing started, I brushed my teeth again, put perfume on me again, drunk water again.

I’m sure I hit 10k steps in those 20 minutes alone. Is this how you guys feel?!

A knock and there she was, I was absolutely stunned and speechless by how beautiful she was, even more beautiful than I had imagined. I was so overwhelmed by her presence like a dickhead I went “I gOt You SOmE WatER” she looked at me funnily and said “shall we get a drink?”, I said I didn’t drink then immediately retracted, I definitely needed a drink for this one, sometimes is okay (in my situation). She laughed and said “you’re such a woman” referring to the organised bank notes neatly placed on the table, she noticed the baby oil on the night stand, pulled hers out of her bag and went “yours or mine?” that broke the ice further. Room service ordered, she kissed me. Things got passionate quickly, we were a tangle of smudged lipstick and the scent of our perfumes fused together. The room service came, I quickly put my top on back to front, opened the door the tiniest bit while simultaneously balancing glasses, the door not shutting on me and trying to pay, she laughed at me, I’m not sure what the concierge saw when he brung the drinks but he phoned and offered our next ones on the house. The vodka helped. The next two hours were a flurry of tangled limbs, she was intoxicating.

It’s so interesting being with a woman, someone who knows your body back to front without second guessing, you’re able to laugh and joke without maintaining a completely flawless exterior. It’s gentler, passionate and just absolutely heavenly. Don’t get me wrong, I love men. In the words of the great legend Cher “I think men are the coolest” but there is something addictive about laying next to a woman, the soft skin, smell of perfume, perfect manicure and pedicure, her eyes…

We spoke for the last hour, naked in the sheets, me laying on her arm, talking about who we both were.

When it was time for her to go, she kissed me passionately and said she would message when she was next in town, could this be the start of something? Who knows. It’s the start of a journey for me at least.

Women? *chefs kiss*.

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