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Dinner dates, my favourite kind of foreplay

I like all of it. The suspense, the planning. All of it.

I’m currently reminiscing about why I enjoy so much being a dinner date companion (or a rolling in the sheets only companion, potato potaato).

Picture it, it’s a winters night (it’s my favourite season so obviously that’s why its set then), my phone pings, an email - brilliant. My favourite type of date, a dinner date with a gentleman who I can already tell is going to be a pleasure to spend time with. He introduces himself fully, gives what I need and suggests a dinner first, rolling around second. He gives a list of restaurants to pick from, something I can decide. I respond and before you know it, the date looms.

My favourite thing about a dinner date is that I find them erotic. The fact I’m wearing three piece lingerie under a black dress at 6pm is such a thrill, he of course has no idea what’s in store.

The wrap coat comes undone as the host graciously puts it away, I can recognise him instantly from his vibe; everyone else melts and its as if its me and him in this bustling place (it’s not Nobu before you ask).

I walk up to him, my heels gently tapping the floor, my hourglass shape is visible under my dress, my suspender belt moving against my shapely bottom, my hair gently kisses my lower back. Red nails, gold jewellery. The scent of oud, rose and bergamot lingers, my breath is slowing as I try to calm the butterflies.

“Hey!”, he gets up, the table next to us turns around, “it’s so good to see you!” He brushes my hair out of the way to kiss me on both cheeks, his hand on my lower back as he leans in.

We sit down, napkin on the lap as he orders a drink. Him, whiskey. Me, a martini. The butterflies disappear as he fumbles, he hands me a bag “congratulations on the new job!” I giggle and say thank you, what’s in the bag is our secret.

This restaurant is a location I’ve never had the pleasure in dining in before, the best thing about being a dinner date companion is the chance to open myself up to London’s underworld, the places I’d never know about (as a classy lady who tends to frequent Nando’s and street food stands, don’t judge me, I’m a student). I kindly ask him to order for me, gently nudging my pointed toe against his leg, he takes this with gusto and before we know it the table is full; he gets such delight out of watching me enjoy what he’s chosen.

The two hours goes by fast, tonights discussion is centred around the stock market. He saw it on my website that I’m interested so is taking the time to pick my brain on my thoughts “it’s like a job interview I’m so sorry” he jokes, I smile because I enjoy learning from someone more accomplished. He pays the bill and we get up to leave, kisses are planted on him as I graciously thank him for choosing this place - we link hands and walk towards his hotel. The intensity is building, I can feel it like a flame in my stomach, my body is on fire thinking about spending time with him. Dinner is the perfect foreplay…

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