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Welcome, welcome: My new blog!

I’m a liar. Okay maybe not a liar, but at least a dreamer. I have big ideas that run away with me that I rarely get round to. The saying “expert in everything yet master in none” is the best way to describe my fleeting ambition, needless to say I’m very ‘Leo’ in this regard, a big creative, even bigger hair and even bigger ego (if that’s possible).

Here we are, my first blog post. Welcome, welcome. If you follow me on twitter you will know I’m extremely indecisive and an absolute perfectionist and queen of tweeting and deleting.

So who am I? Behind my marketing, I am a simple being who enjoys snuggles, being taken out for candle lit dinner and generally being made a fuss over. I see this life choice as a way to tantalise my mind, to engage with those I wouldn’t usually meet in everyday life.

I like the intensity and surprise being an independent escort in London brings.

I’m glad you’re here for the ride.

- Sienna x

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