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Travel with me, the ultimate travel companion 

As a seasoned Travel companion, whether we stay in the UK or venture elsewhere, I offer fly me to you packages as well as holiday with me packages. 

The hedonist

12 hours


48 hour


14 hours


72 hours


24 hours


7 days


Extra day £1000

For the busy gentleman, I offer a bespoke planning service for trips. Allow me to plan our stay, itinerary, and flights us for an additional bespoke fee, just submit my booking form for the time you desire to get started

I absolutely love these kinds of dates! When they're executed properly, they can be incredibly enjoyable and serve as a fantastic means to establish a deeper connection.

Need to know...

- Travel expenses are not included in the above fee, this is bespoke upon enquiry 

- Flights over 4 hours will need to be in business class (at a minimum) so I can arrive relaxed and prepped for our date 

- I will require 1 hour to myself on dates over 24 hours to go to the gym 

- My preference on dates over 24 hours is to have my own room, however, I know this cannot always be accommodated so normal rules around privacy are to be respected at all times

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