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Independent London Escort 

Exclusive, selective, yours. 


I've been described as a versatile individual, a connoisseur of life's diverse experiences. My world revolves around a collection of passions encompassing art, gastronomy, and the appreciation of the finer things in life. I possess an unquenchable desire for venturing into uncharted territories. 

In terms of physical allure, you'll find yourself entranced by my classic hourglass figure, natural beauty, and an unwavering self-confidence, driven by an innate hunger for genuinely cultivated passion. I am untouched cosmetically from head to toe, taking immense pride in my appearance. From my slender waist to my inviting curves, I epitomise the essence of divine femininity. 

In a previous chapter of my life, I delved into finance, a path perhaps driven by the absence of passion. Now, I find fulfillment in crafting meaningful experiences with those who know their desires and are determined to pursue them. My focus caters to men seeking more than the ordinary. 


If you were to categorise me, you might identify me as embodying 'the girlfriend experience,' though the term 'experience' should be approached with caution. The cornerstone of our time together is authenticity; fostering a long-lasting connection. My personality is a fusion of contradictions, occasionally even sprinkled with humor. I possess a substantial knowledge base across a wide spectrum of subjects, having received a top-notch education from prestigious London universities and garnered significant experience in the corporate arena. Slightly submissive in nature, this realm serves as my escape, allowing me to embrace my  own desires, granting you the role of the leader or the sensual boyfriend…the choice is yours. In public, you'll discover me impeccably dressed, modest, and courteous. Yet, in private, I transform into the ultimate seductress. 

I may not be for everyone, but I'm the choice for those in search of a woman who exudes sophistication while simultaneously reducing a man to his knees. If the divine concoction of beauty, intelligence (and a fabulous bottom!) is your vulnerability, allow me to be your muse. 


The stats. 

Get to know the woman behind the blur

Loves - 

My toes in your mouth, the stock market, hole in the wall restaurants, crypto trading, travelling, swimming in the sea, buying lingerie, shoes, a great coffee, photography, art, a fabulously put together charcuterie board, French kissing,  a good aftershave (on you), intelligent conversation, fine dining, dressing up for you, soul music playlists, pampering myself, a man's face when he sees me, the sun setting over the sea, helicopter rides as the sun sets, hole in the wall restaurants (I prefer good food vs high price tag), a sadistic sense of humour, pitching to you about why you should invest in Rolls Royce.

Age mid 20s
Love languages all 5, I am a typical August Leo. I wither and die without adequate, constant attention or gifts. 

Education Masters in Finance from a prestigious London university 
Sexuality Bi-Sexual - have you seen women?!

Dress size 12 UK, 40 EU - irresistibly and naturally curvy

Shoe size EU 37/UK 4

Bust 34E (natural)

Hair Brunette, long, natural

Height 5 ft 1

Tattoos One, small, discreet... a regrettable decision when I was 19

Piercings One set, ear lobes

Tipple Blanc de Blanc champagne, Monbazillac 

My lovers describe me as
“Cute as a button, intellectual, savvy, witty, addictive, aspiring finance buff, kind, caring, compassionate, nurturing and humble”

Art movement Surrealism - Dali is my favourite!

Music  Anything from jazz to heavy metal. There is absolutely no in-between, my Spotify is like a child at a pick n mix.

Favourite films The Addams Family, Scarface, The Notebook, Primal v Fear, Operation Finale, Notting Hill, The Birdcage, Scent of a woman

Sienna Nichols Independent London Escort

The secret

Immerse yourself in the realm of an exclusive rendezvous, where time becomes a fluid concept. These dates are tailored for those who relish in the luxury of unhurried moments. A fusion of social engagement and blissful relaxation.

Whether it's strolling through vibrant city streets, savouring culinary delights, or simply basking in each other's presence, dates with me are designed to create memories that linger long after the encounter ends.

Unwind, connect, and revel in the uncharted depths of time in my captivating presence.

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